Security & Privacy

RDNA Global Solutions Private Limited is a Services Under Business Process Outsourcing

Security & Privacy

RDNA Global has sophisticated data security policy and stringent physical security methods ensure client confidential information remains uncompromised. RDNA Global views the protection of its client's confidential information of the utmost importance.

RDNA Global strictly follows to make sure that the employment agreements with Non-disclosure obligations to protect the confidentiality of information and to protect Intellectual Property are entered with all of its employees. Employees are continuously trained on the importance of over security policies, never sharing or disclosing personal passwords. We follow a comprehensive background check up of our employees.


Physical and Work floor Security

  • Screening of visitors/employees by a security guard during entry and exit for data storage media like CDs.
  • USB drives and CDs are banned from work-floor.

Data Security

  • All data is backed up regularly either in client's server farms or out data servers depending on client choice.

Network Security

  • Use of secured line (128 bit SSL) to access and transmitted data (images) from servers.
  • Segmented LAN with firewall protection.
  • All ports except DNS and SMTP servers are disabled from the external world.

PC Security

  • Access to source documents is restricted to authorized employees only.
  • PCs used by processing do not have CD ROM drives.